8 Unexpected Uses of Twitter

Twitter plays a critical role in a company’s social media strategy. It chisels out the customer journey, and reaps incredible benefits – but not always in the way it was originally planned. Despite what many people say out there, Twitter is still the most powerful way to get in touch with your customers.

If you think Twitter is just a tool for bands to do spammy promotions, stalking celebrities and retweeting witty one-liners, this post will make you think again!

Quiet an impressive bunch of people have made such creative, out-of-the box uses out of this social channel, and this blog is a curated list of the such terrific examples

1.Stopping Epidemics

Yes. You read that right. Twitter has been used to help track outbreaks of disease. A fat number of researches have proposed that the data people make public on the web (like tweets from your co-workers on falling sick, or yweets from friends and strangers complaining of headaches and runny noses – all these are actually data points for scientists, that with the aid of the health department, are quickly turning into a promising means of tracking the spread of flu and other ailments.

From a bunch of geo-tagged tweets, the researchers could capture information at the state level (and sometimes with every greater specificity) for words such as “fever,” “flu” and “coughing.” If people begin complaining of symptoms in one particular state, for example, public health officials could then react accordingly and put out a warning.

With the advantage of speed that comes with Twitter, it has helped health officials around the world prepare for and handle disease outbreaks, as well as better understand how outbreaks spread in an increasingly globalized world. 

So, the next time you have a cold, or a chill, or a fever, do the world a favour, and tweet about it!

2. Recruiting the Brightest

Twitter isn’t just about connecting with your customers. It can also help you acquire the best and brightest talent. If you’ve never thought of it this way, don’t fret. It’s never too late to start being active on Twitter. The more active and engaging you get, the more followers you will attract. And it’s a much more effective strategy to reach out to applicants who are already fans of your brand, and are actively exposed to your company’s content.

You can also discover passive candidates who would make ideal employees for your positions by leveraging professional connections. So, irrespective of whether you are building a network of potential canditates or are in the middle of a massive recruitement cycle – you need to get tweeting!

Including twitter as a critical component in your social recruiting strategy to diversify your talent pool strengthen your brand image as an employer.

Get engaging as a brand on the channel, and you are on your way to recruiting the best adn the brightest!

3 .Reading & Writing Stories

Making a cpmpelling sentence out of 280 charaachters can beincerdbly difficult. Now try adding a beginnin, a middle, an end and a chilling twist. A number of twitteratis have taken up this feat, and completed it successfully.

Microfiction is a genre that took a boom solely because of twitter. Several others have created an entire novel out of serialised tweets!

Okay, so if Twitter can be taken up to write a book, why not read one? There are literary accounts that share entire classic novels, tweet by tweet. If you have the patience, you can follow along epics like Ullyses or War and Peace.

4. Cooking Delicious Meals

If you thought writing and reading with a 280 character constraint was unbelievable, get ready to have your mind blown!

Accounts like @CookBook tweets an entire recipe in one go!

Confused how that would work? Here’s her recipe for banana pancakes:

Banana Pancakes: Beat ¾c milk&ripebanana/3egg/3T oil. Sift2c flr/T bkgpdr&rum/½t soda&cinn. Fold all; +to grsdpan@med. Flip when bubbling.

Delicious, right?

5. As a Massive Education Tool

You were probably one of the many people who thought Twitter was just a micro-blogging site, that enables people to be in instant contact. Perhaps you thought that it’s implications on education were not that heavily pronounced. But that’s the most beautiful thing about web 2.0. It’s constantly brimming with surprises. Teaching or attending a class of 2000 or 3000 students is a very usual event. Especially in middle European universtities.

Mass leanring environment meanst that the student-teacher interaction becomes more dilute and complicated. Twitter quickly leveraged this gap, and took over as a platform to display questions, notices and ideas from time to time.

6. Tracking Public Opinion

Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to tracking and shaping public opinion.

Several researches have evidenced research that shows opinions are formed quickly in the Twitter hivemind, and once formed, they are diffcult to change. Opinions develop rapidly on the site, but over time, they level out – and one emerges out as the most dominant, and eventually turns out to be very hard to change.

So keep in mind. Your opinions change based on the tweets you read!

7. Quit Smoking

The idea of using Twitter as a support group is as new as a pin.

If you cannot quit alone, you need to get the help of a cheering section.

The works of it is pretty simple. If you want to quit, you connect with small Twitter-based support groups whose participants receive daily automated messages encouraging them to contribute to the online discussion, including, “What will you do when you feel the urge to smoke?

Researchers have lodged that a Twitter based intervention program can even be twice as effective as traditional ones.

While it’s understable that some might criticise this as a massive, self indulgent coping mechanism – I think its still a better deal than blackened lungs.

Also, the metrics that social media brings with it outweigh traditional programs. Twitter’s low cost and scalability has towering potential to become low-cost tobacco addiction treatments, if streamlined properly.

8. Helping People Find Equality

The greatest scheme that Twitter has ever been a part of,  is perhaps the one where it has been used as a weapon to spread causes for social struggles of freedom, justice, and equality.

Twitter is not about pretty pictures of sunset, birthday celebrations or unsolicited selfies. Voices for equality and justice have capitalised Social Media on the whole, and it has become impossible for users to ignore the causes and the voices.

The bottom line is, this platform has a lot of magic to it!

To stay on top of the trend curve and to make the best use of the channel, brands need to start thinking beyond using Twitter as micro-blogging site, or to tweet about their promotions, or retweet influencer content. With a pinch of innovation, there’s a lot of creative ways you can use Twitter to connect with your audience, and drive traffic to your website or sales page!

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