The Unconventional Guide To Social Media Marketing That Is Truly Social

For about every other business owner I meet, the explanation of their Social Media Strategy begins with: “We have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and we’re on YouTube.”

When I ask them, ‘Okay, what are you doing with these accounts?’ I typically get responses such as ‘Increasing brand awareness,’ ‘Marketing is in charge of that,’ or ‘We’re not really sure.’

Each of these answers is pretty harmless. But it is not ideal. Every time a business owner tells me they use Social Media to spread the word about their product, all that I can think is about the million opportunities they’ve let slide.  

Business owners need to be aware of the reason why these accounts exist.

Align Your Social Media Strategy to Business Outcomes

The secret to cracking the social code lies in aligning your social media resources to quantifiable business outcomes.

So, rather than a vague and ad-hod tactic of ‘posting on Instagram twice a week,’ the right strategy would be to  ‘Post to Instagram a maximum of five times per day, with a goal of driving at least 10 followers to sign up for a product sample.’

Because, in the end, the key takeaway here is that it’s not the size of your social media following that matters but rather the number of participants willing to take action based upon what you share.

Social Media Is Not An Advertising Platform!

Yes. Social Media is a beautiful tool to market your business.

But here’s a news flash: Social media is NOT another channel to advertise!

If you do, it’s probably never going to work because the truth is that the current generation of consumers is IMMUNE to advertising.

They’re all about REALITY.

Understanding this will be key to all business owners

Social Media is a place that demands value exchange and building of relationships.

The Death of Facebook:

Oh, and did you know?

Facebook is fading away, and Instagram stories are the most impactful channels through which you can promote your business.

It’s June 2019, and as a marketer, I can officially confirm that Facebook is the least effective channel for your brand’s marketing. The channel isn’t dead. What I mean is that you need to choose networks where your ads and your content will be successful.

I keep getting questions about social media marketing and here’s a quick crash course that I’ve personally tried and tested that may probably work for your business. I believe that the secret code to crack social media for business is acknowledging that your consumers are branded content creators.

A Truly Social Social Media Strategy:

Spoiler Alert: Business-centric and purely salesy content simply won’t make the cut anymore.

Remembe this: There is an increasing demand for a truly social experience on Social Media. 
People want to do business with brands they love and trust.

People who use social media simply as a media of advertisements and announcements of their business are missing out on the truly delicate piece of the ‘social’ aspect.

A business that uses Social Media only for talking about its own products and services is a fundamental failure. Any successful Social Media marketing campaign has User Generated Content in its core.

Instead of vomiting the details of your services at your customer, or spamming them with your offer announcements – I say, invite them into a conversation.

Invite them to experience.

Your marketing strategy must include interactive content. Begin by telling your story. Talk about the long days and nights you spent sweating over the launch of your business. Share this experience.

When people see struggle and passion – they are more likely to be invested in the products you create.

Go a step further. Make your audience feel like they are a part of your company and a part of your growth. Suppose you’re opening a coffee shop. Should the walls be painted white or grey? Ask your social media followers for advice. Run a poll on Instagram.

Hyper-focused strategizing of your social media content may seem like a daunting task. But utilizing the services of a professional marketing consultant will make it easy.

Get in touch with our expert consultants at Eight Elephants – a place where all your business goals become more agile and effective through highly strategic marketing solutions.

Reality, Reality, Reality – that’s all that we are craving.

Businesses that are real on Social media and are comfortable letting the audience behind the curtain have a tremendous opportunity to boost their brand value.

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